Lucky Dog Designs is comprised of owner Marvin Johnson, and a loyal group of skilled craftsmen and artists, who have become our collaborative workforce bringing all of their individual talents to the table. Our team is seasoned and experienced in the craft of getting things done…perfectly.

If you desire the finest quality hand-tooled furniture, fixtures and showpieces
for your home or business, give us a call today.

MARVIN JOHNSON (Owner/Craftsman)

"We are nothing more than the daily tail end of our own history. Here is a brief look at mine"

My experience making things grew from my Dad’s reluctance to buy anything he thought he could build or repair. From childhood, he taught me the skills that I needed to tackle projects – how to drive a nail with a hammer, cut with a saw, sharpen an edge, pound metal into a tool, fix engines and machinery and build a structure; how to lift heavy objects, not get electrocuted…to be safe. My Dad’s words still echo in my mind, “Don’t shy away from a project – examine it, figure it out; do it safely…try again."

My Mom – a housewife, a friend to many, an organist and an artist, taught me to respect nature and people and how to see the beauty in things – from driftwood to plastic flowers. She gave me the gifts of joy and compassion.

With an exposure to projects, craftsmanship and the pursuit of personal fulfillment my interest
were being formed through my parents’ passions and my own…

I have always had a love of water and a respect for the environment, which carried through to a passion for boats; boats of any size or shape. The owning and building of boats became an outlet for refining handcraft methods and project management skills.

My past includes a degree in oceanography, selling shipboard electronics, negotiating Marine seismic contracts and industrial real estate. All were successful, but I felt something was missing. It wasn’t until 1995, while I was working part-time for a furniture maker that I realized I could embrace art and projects as a career. From this point, everything seemed to gel… “Don’t be afraid of a project, love nature, art and life." Lucky Dog Designs is the evolution of all these experiences.

“I was made for this job; it only took me forty-five years to find it."

About Lucky the Dog

A little street dog hung around the shop for several days. Street-thin, yet playful and very alert, he would chase anything you threw. Then I heard a sound you never want to hear, once you’ve befriended a stray; I dashed out to find that a car had hit the little dog. Badly injured, I was sure he would die, so I took him to our vet for final handling. That night, the vet called and said “150 stitches and $150; you have a dog. My wife lovingly remarked, “He’s lucky to be alive and real lucky to be in this house.” Our son, Jordan, then commented “That’s his name, Lucky!” With all that stitching, I believe something got confused, because when “Luck” growled he was happy?

Lucky became my steadfast companion and a valued member of our team. He was quick to explain the dog version of your Miranda rights when you visited the shop. True to his roots, he would return to the “street” each afternoon to visit the local taco stand, taunt the employees at the neighborhood landscape company and receive a donut from the guys at the automotive repair shop.

“Luck” lived a long, eventful life until his passing in 2010.

Although, I have had the opportunity to work with many talented people, Troy Woods has been a constant in my world of woodworking, I would like to give special acknowledgment to his contributions, talents, and friendship. To learn more about Troy Woods visit his website.